Power Supplies for Systems

Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) is a leading power supply manufacturer with a long heritage of satisfying the needs of customers. We are well-versed in the various military standards and understand what is needed to make power supplies work in a system.

What is a System Power Supply?

A system power supply is usually a complex power supply that contains an EMI filter, a PFC (power factor correction) front end, and multiple DC outputs. It can by a large stand-alone unit or made up of several units that tie together. Hold-up time is typically required to ride though a power hiccup or provide enough time for orderly shutdown of the system that the power supply is serving. Another common feature is the sequencing of the outputs to allow proper start-up or shutdown of the loads. Additional information on system power supplies can be found in our article called Power Distribution Systems.

How System Power Supplies Are Used

System Power Supplies are used to power complex systems found on ships, aircraft, or land-based equipment like:

  • Communication systems
  • Radar equipment
  • Antennae arrays
  • Electronic warfare

System Power Supplies typically run off 115 VAC single-phase or three-phase input power from generators.

Products We Offer for System Power Supply Applications

ACT has a proven topologies that can be utilized to meet the needs of customers requiring a power supply to drive their system. An example of a system power supply is the 2121 with the individual rack-mounted cards, the 2123s. The 3-phase delta input power is converted into a 150 VDC bus, which is then used to power electronic devices connected to the system. More about it can be read about in our article on the resource page, 9 kW Ruggedized Bulk Power Supply.

The Preferred Partner for System Power Supplies

ACT has over 37 years of experience designing the power supply your system requires from below the sea to the ground to the air. We understand the input power requirements for MIL-STD-1399 section 300A, MIL-STD-1275, and MIL-STD-704.

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