Power Supplies for Helmet Displays

At Advanced Conversion Technology, we design power supplies for many types of equipment spanning a wide variety of military applications. Helmet displays in the military aviation industry can give the pilot easy access to important information and precision capabilities while the individual is flying in the air. It’s a hands-free piece built to maximize both safety and productivity for pilots on duty.

Suppose you need new electrical pieces to make your industry helmet display effective tools and valuable assets. In that case, you can achieve your goals with ACT’s experience in developing and manufacturing power supplies for head-mounted displays.

Features of Our Power Supplies

Helmet displays typically have high-voltage needs, so you need to use the proper high-voltage supplies to operate them. At ACT, we have experience providing a diverse selection of high-voltage power supplies, and we can most likely help no matter your needs. Our high-voltage power supplies operate at up to 35 kilovolts (kV), which means we’re prepared to work with some of the most challenging pieces of equipment.

From power supplies for liquid crystal displays (LCD) power supplies to power supplies for binocular helmet mounted displays (HMD) and more, we have the experience necessary to design the power supply you need for your military aircraft helmet application. All of your electronics are in safe hands when you invest in our power supplies.

Power Supply Applications

We design and manufacture power supplies suited for a multitude of applications in the military aerospace industry. Helmet displays will help your pilots conveniently access information and precision. With a monocular head-mounted display being energized by the right power supply, a soldier can see grid coordinates, elevation, the location of other forces and aircraft, and more.

Our power supplies for helmet displays provide reliable, quiet power conversion, so the equipment operates as intended. Such reliability helps protect pilots and lessens their burden while they’re in the air. Your helmet displays need to be fully operational so that they can act as exceptional resources for your troops.

Order Power Supplies for Head-Mounted Displays from ACT

Power supplies for monocular HMD power supplies or other helmets can be designed and manufactured by ACT. Reach out to us today to get the right addition to your power supply system for helmet displays or check out our power supply products to see some past custom designs.


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