Custom Military Power Supplies


Custom Military Power Supplies

Custom Military Power Supply Solutions

Advanced Conversion Technology specializes in providing custom military-grade power supply solutions for all branches of the US military, as well as civilian contractors. Our custom military power supply solutions are tailored to meet the growing demand for sophisticated power supplies that can be relied upon in the most demanding environments. Our team understands the challenges and requirements of designing custom power supplies for aircraft, ships, and ground equipment; and has engineered creative solutions to achieve these goals.

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Custom Power Supply Examples:

Rugged 28 Volt AC-DC Power Supply

ACT Power Supply

85-264 Volt Input AC-DC Power Supply

AC-DC Converter Military Power Supply Product #2123

AC-DC Power Module Operating from 90 to 140 VAC

AC-DC Converter Military Power Supply Product #1737A

AC-DC Power Supply Output of 13, 28 or 270 Volts

Photo of SW2511

MIL-STD-1275E DC-DC Power Supply

These custom power supplies are just a few examples of what our team can do.  They are not offered to be sold nor can additional information of the specifications be provided. Please Contact ACT to discuss requirements for your custom power supply project, or view our line of COTS power supplies for products ready to order now.

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Our Custom Power Supplies Can Meet the Following Military Standards:

Our focus has been to produce top-notch power supplies for the military for aerospace, transportation, ships, subs (boats), and telecommunications. Our rugged and dependable military-grade power supplies offer benefits in every application from computer systems to navigation equipment and are made in the USA. We’ve also started to serve non-military markets for telecommunications and vehicles.

Our custom power supply systems are designed to meet your specific needs and comply with tight regulations in the defense sector. For each engineered solution, we employ advanced technology and our engineering expertise to develop the right power supplies for your application. All ACT custom power supply systems are engineered and manufactured in our modern, 63,000-square-foot facility located in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and built for reliability, efficiency and performance.



Custom Military Power Supplies by Sector

ACT offers AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies for military and non-military applications in various industries. Both our Military-Grade AC-DC power supplies and Military-Grade DC-DC power supplies can be engineered to meet standards for aerospace, shipboard, and ground platforms and are available in multiple or single outputs with a range of input voltages. Our durable custom power supply units can be hermetically-sealed for use in tough environments for military and industrial applications.

You can see ACT custom power supply solutions at work in three primary sectors:

Custom Military Power Supplies by Sector: Custom Aerospace Power Supplies, Custom Shipboard Power Supplies, and Custom Power Supplies for Ground Equipment

1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies on sophisticated electronics for monitor displays, communications systems, onboard computers, and many other devices that are critical to in-flight operations. Custom Power Supplies for aerospace can provide power for these electronic systems, and must be reliable and durable to withstand challenging environmental conditions, including low temperatures and high altitudes.Airborne military-grade power supplies must meet tight requirements for efficiency, voltage, frequency, phase, electrical noise, and other concerns.

As aircraft electronics become more advanced, aircraft power supplies needs become more complex too. An aerospace power supply must provide sufficient power at lower voltages while meeting design needs and performance standards. ACT aircraft power supply systems meet these needs in the following ways:

  • MIL-STD-704 compliance: MIL-STD-704 establishes power supply standards for military aircraft used in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The standards outlined in MIL-STD-704 include normal operating processes, transfer operations, acceptable limits for load unbalance, maximum allowable distortion, and more. MIL-STD-704-compliant power supplies must also meet hold-up time requirements which ensure critical aircraft equipment continues to operate during power interruptions when transfer operations are performed. ACT aircraft power supplies meet these stringent standards and are quality-tested to ensure the highest performance and reliability.
  • Environmental ruggedness: Aircraft military power supply systems must meet tough environmental specifications under MIL-STD-810 standards, including maximum and minimum operation and storage temperatures, high altitudes, humidity levels, vibration, and shock. ACT aircraft power supplies are designed with rugged construction to withstand -40 °C to +85 °C storage temperatures and altitudes as high as 35,000 ft. Our aircraft military-grade power supply solutions are also available in hermetically-sealed modules to protect against humidity, dirt, and dust.
  • Adaptable unit shape and size: ACT custom power supplies can be built to match any size, weight, and space requirements. Our advanced machining capabilities allow ACT to create unique form factors that can be easily integrated into your aircraft design. In aircraft where space is limited, our engineered solutions make the most of the space you have available, while still providing the dependable performance you need.
  • EMI filtering: Sensitive mission-critical equipment in military and civilian aircraft must be protected from electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can damage equipment and cause malfunctions. ACT custom power supplies offer built-in EMI filters to protect aircraft electronics from general noise interference to meet MIL-STD-461 standards for security and reliability.

Custom aerospace military power supplies from ACT are available in multiple outputs with overvoltage protection and comply with proper start-up and shut down sequences. Our custom MIL-STD-704-compliant AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies for the aerospace industry are suitable for military transport aircraft and Navy and Air Force fighter jets, so you can match your power supply needs with our sophisticated solutions.

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2. Shipboard

Navy ships and subs rely on electronics to power navigation systems, communication equipment, weapon systems, and other critical operating equipment. This equipment must operate properly in challenging shipboard conditions, such as high humidity and unstable environments. Custom marine military-grade power supplies must supply steady and dependable power despite these harsh conditions. ACT ship power supplies provide reliable performance for the naval industry through the following means:

  • MIL-STD-1399 compliance: MIL-STD-1399 outlines standards for AC-DC shipboard military power supply systems, including voltage spikes, frequency modulation, and total harmonic distortion (THD). MIL-STD-1399 applies to low-voltage marine power supplies including all Type I, II and III, 440 or 115 V, 60 or 400 Hz ungrounded power systems. ACT provides custom MIL-STD-1399-compliant power supply units for support vessels, research ships, aircraft carriers, and other Navy ships. Our ship power supply units for both defense and civilian applications are designed to meet MIL-STD-1399 standards to ensure exceptional quality in all marine environments.
  • THD management: One of the most crucial components of MIL-STD-1399 compliance is to meet THD standards. Naval AC power supplies must handle large loads to support advanced and complex electronic systems. The resulting large current pulses can interfere with other shipboard electronics if THD and interference are not managed properly. To meet THD regulations of less than 3% under MIL-STD-1399, ACT uses active power factor correction (PFC) and polyphase transformers paired with tuned LC filters in our marine military-grade power supplies. PFC power supplies allow ship military power supplies to operate at a higher capacity by reducing the chance of interference between shipboard electronic systems.
  • Shock and noise standards: Marine environments pose unique environmental challenges, and ship military-grade power supplies must comply with strict environmental standards, such as for shock and vibration. ACT tests all ship power supplies for compliance with MIL-S-901 standards for high-impact shock, as well as MIL-STD-810 standards for vibration and structure-borne noise.

Custom marine power supplies from ACT are equipped with remote monitoring for control of the power supply and remote recording. ACT custom marine power supplies are also available in rack-mountable configurations for easy integration with existing ship design. Our rack-mountable ship power supplies adhere to the same environmental standards for reliable performance on military vessels.

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3. Ground Equipment

Dependable and durable power supplies play an essential role in powering guidance systems, communications, onboard computers, and other crucial systems in military ground vehicles. ACT is an emerging leader in this sector, providing custom power supply solutions for trucks, tanks, mine rollers, armored vehicles, and other ground equipment. Ground power supply units must face even harsher environmental conditions than airborne and shipboard power supply systems, including humid, dusty, and sandy conditions. Power supply for ground equipment must also be rugged to withstand shocks and bumps from traversing rough terrain.

Like airborne and marine power supply systems, military power supplies for ground vehicles must meet tight regulations and high-quality standards. ACT custom power supplies for ground equipment overcome these challenges in the following ways:

  • MIL-STD-1275 compliance: MIL-STD-1275 establishes standards for 28-VDC electrical systems found in military ground equipment and includes guidelines for voltage compatibility, protection from reverse polarity input damage, and more. MIL-STD-1275 standards state utilization equipment shall operate without damage or degradation caused by voltage spikes and surges. ACT military power supplies for ground equipment are designed to meet these technically challenging standards to provide unwavering performance in harsh environments.
  • Durable design: Power supplies for ground equipment must withstand high humidity, a wide range of temperatures, and dirty and dusty environments. ACT ground power supply units are available with hermetically-sealed enclosures to protect against these tough conditions. Our ground power supplies are tested for proper operation in temperatures between -20 °C and +70 °C and at altitudes up to 10,000 ft. For particularly dusty or sandy conditions, ACT offers fanless power supply units that provide improved durability and lower noise levels.

Learn About Our Ground Vehicle Power Supplies

ACT ground power supplies are configured to meet military standards, but these technically advanced power supply systems offer exceptional performance in the toughest military and non-military applications. Heavy equipment and off-road vehicles with sophisticated electronics can benefit from a dependable MIL-STD-1275-compliant power supply. Also ground power supplies need to meet MIL-STD-461 standards for EMC to ensure that critical onboard electronics do not interfere with and are not disrupted by nearby navigation systems or radars. ACT power supplies for ground equipment can operate off of a +12 V vehicle battery, providing easy integration and use in a wide variety of ground equipment.

Why Choose Advanced Conversion Technology for Custom Military Power Supplies

Why Choose ACT?

ACT engineers employ advanced techniques and years of engineering experience to produce application-specific power supply systems for aerospace, shipboard, and ground applications. Designed and built in the USA, our sophisticated production capabilities allow ACT to provide AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies with a variety of options and features to suit your specific project needs. Here are some of the features available with our power supplies:

  • Unique form factors: ACT power supply units range in size from 3.0 to 2600.0 cubic inches and can be engineered in unique shapes to fit any space for easy integration into existing equipment design.
  • Various mounting options: ACT custom power supplies can be rack mounted, bench mounted, or mounted in a ruggedized frame to fit any environment and withstand harsh conditions. We offer standard-sized units as well as fully customized sizes and shapes.
  • Variety of input voltages: ACT offers both high and low voltage power supplies for any application. Our high voltage custom power supplies can deliver up to 25 kV through advanced technology that allows effective thermal management and high dielectric capability. Our low voltage power supplies deliver less than 1 kV and are suitable for use in tough environments.
  • Single or multiple outputs: Application-specific ACT power supplies are available as single or multiple outputs to meet your needs.
  • High efficiency: Our power supply systems rely on ACT circuits that provide an overall power efficiency capability of 90% or higher.
  • Noise interference management: ACT power supplies are designed to meet EMC requirements to protect against noise interference. When powering mission-critical equipment, EMI and radio frequency interference (RFI) control is crucial.
  • Remote monitoring: ACT power supplies offer remote monitoring and remote control on-off switches, which is a crucial feature for ship, air, and ground electronic systems.
  • Thermal management: Our custom power supplies are designed for high performance in a range of operating and storage temperatures with thermal management features that prevent overheating and improve reliability.
  • Environmentally sealed power supplies available:For use in humid, dusty, sandy, and other harsh environments, ACT offers environmentally sealed units by utilizing gaskets or conformal coating. Our hermetic power supplies are available for high voltage units using our proprietary oil-gas potting technology.
  • Low noise options:ACT power supplies offer low switching noise solutions (25 millivolts p-p to 200 millivolts p-p, depending on output voltage requirements and application). For even less output noise, (2 millivolt p-p to 10 millivolt p-p), ACT also provides linear circuit solutions.
  • Various protective features: ACT power supplies include protections for reverse polarity, overload, short circuits, voltage surges, and many more potentially damaging conditions. Our custom power supply units can be equipped with diagnostics features to monitor the health of the power supply. By anticipating threats and engineering protective solutions, ACT can offer highly reliable and dependable power supplies for military and non-military applications.

Custom Power Supplies vs. COTS Power Supplies Graphic

ACT custom military power supplies are engineered for exceptional reliability and efficiency in a variety of tough environments. ACT has engineered power supplies used on helicopter platforms for aerospace industries and power supplies for helmet display applications. Our engineering expertise coupled with our advanced machining capabilities means we can design custom power supply solutions with the exact features and functions you need for any application.

When You Need a Custom Military-Grade Power Supply

Custom power supply systems deliver precisely what your application calls for, without the hassle of modifying a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) unit. Application-specific power supply solutions provide high performance and can be engineered to meet unique project requirements, such as environmental conditions and size limitations. Here are a few benefits of choosing a custom power supply solution:

  • Reliable performance: Mission critical applications in military, communications, transportation and energy industries require extremely dependable power supplies. Engineered-solutions can be optimized for high performance during the design phase rather than through add-on modifications. Custom power supplies often offer better reliability and fewer maintenance issues than a COTS system that has been changed.
  • Ruggedization: Custom power supplies can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dirty or dusty conditions. While a COTS unit may not be able to withstand dramatic temperature shifts or extreme heat, a custom power supply system can be designed for exceptional durability and operation in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Unique requirements: For applications that have unique requirements for noise, voltage, surge protection, leakage, or any other condition, a custom power supply can be configured to meet these needs. In military applications, strict adherence to standards is required for compliance, security, and to protect critical equipment from damage or malfunction.
  • Cost-effective solution: When your application has unique requirements, choosing a custom power supply from the start can be much more cost-effective than changing a COTS unit to fit your needs. For military applications, modifying a COTS unit also means time and money must be spent to re-qualify the system after each alteration. While a COTS unit may be less expensive up front, the high performance and long lifespan of a custom power supply solution can pay off in the long run.

When You Need a Custom Military Power Supply: Reliable performance, Ruggedization, Unique requirements, and Cost-effective solutions

Choosing a custom power supply allows you to design a solution that perfectly fits your unique needs for military or other industrial applications. Custom power supply systems from ACT offer exceptional reliability, top-notch performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Military-Grade Custom Power Supplies From ACT

Advanced Conversion Technology has met the needs of military power supplies since 1981. Our decades of experience engineering custom power supplies mean we know the right questions to ask to provide sophisticated and high-quality power solutions that fit your unique goals and your bottom line.

ACT custom military power supplies are engineered in our modern facility located in Middletown, Pennsylvania, providing precise control over all development and manufacturing processes. Our quality system is AS9100 and ISO9001:2015 certified to ensure our power supply systems always meet and exceed your performance standards. Because ACT relies on proven models to develop our custom power supply systems, we can provide application-specific solutions in an expedient and cost-effective manner.

When you need a custom solution for a rugged and reliable power supply system, ACT has the expertise to get the job done. Contact us to learn more about custom military power supplies from Advanced Conversion Technology.

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