Power Supplies for Displays

When you think of power supplies, what’s the first type of item that comes to your mind that needs them? You probably thought of several items like computers, TVs, and microwaves. Actually, most electrical systems need a power converter of some sort. Electrical systems play an important role in many military applications today, and they continue to grow with the development of global technology.

Displays are just as crucial to military use as other subsets of equipment. As a result, we design and manufacture a large selection of power supplies for displays, including cathode ray tubes and flat panels.


At Advanced Conversion Technology, we offer power supplies for electronic displays, some of which are cathode ray tubes (CRT). CRTs have been used to display images since the early 1900s, after which manufacturers began to use them for creating the pictures on television sets. This type of electronic display works by using electron beams to project the images onto a phosphorescent surface — and CRT displays continue to be important for military applications.

Today, we offer power supplies for CRT at the same high standard of quality that we maintain with our other products.

Flat Panels

Flat-panel technology is relatively new in comparison to the CRT, and it’s designed to be light, portable, and easy to integrate with modern equipment and strategies. Our power supplies for flat panel displays can get integrated into ground vehicles, for example, and other rugged military environments.

If you value crystal clear imaging and technology that’s easy to use and transport, ACT’s power supplies for flat panel displays offer a reliable solution.

ACT Power Supply Applications

All ACT power supplies have a history of fitting various military industry requirements. Thanks to our quality assurance management system which is AS9100D certification, you can have confidence in the processes used to create our products for military aerospace organizations is of the highest quality.

The rise of digital tools, information technology, and more means that military industries use display monitors to show data, videos, and other types of presentations. Our power supplies for CRTs and flat panels will deliver a stable output form factor to ensure your equipment operates as intended. Plus, you can feel confident that our products will stand up to extreme environments and the test of time.

Browse through our products to find the power supplies you need, or contact us if you have any questions.


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