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power supply solutions for the air force and navy

Meeting the power supply needs of the aerospace industry requires sophisticated solutions, exceptional quality control processes, and a commitment to delivering value to clients dealing with budgetary and time constraints. For more than 30 years, Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) has been a proud partner to the military and aerospace industry. We manufacture a range of different rugged power supplies that are compliant with MIL-STD-704 and other relevant standards.

We can also engineer application-specific solutions for special projects. Contact our team directly to discuss your power needs and learn more about how we can help.

Who We Are

Founded in 1981, ACT is a Middletown, PA-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of precise, high quality power systems. Though our primary customer base is the defense industry, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of clients in civilian aerospace and aviation.

All of our aerospace power supply products are built in our 63,000 square foot facility — a high degree of vertical integration gives us precise control over all aspects and stages of the manufacturing process. As a result, we can provide shorter lead times while ensuring a high level of quality control. Our quality management system is AS9100 Rev D certified.

Aerospace Power Supply

The specific environmental conditions encountered on military and civilian aircraft call for engineered power supplies that meet precise requirements for size, weight, efficiency, hermeticity and ruggedization. The more sophisticated and integrated aircraft electronics become, the more difficult it is to balance these concerns with the need for sufficient power in-flight. Today’s aerospace power supplies must provide greater current at low voltages without compromising design requirements.

The standards outlined in MIL-STD-704 provide an excellent guide for the electrical requirements of aerospace power supplies. MIL-STD-704 sets out normal operating characteristics and requirements for input transient, maximum allowable distortion, acceptable limits for over- and under-voltage, and more. By using a MIL-STD-704 power supply, you’ll have a level of performance that’s suitable for use in aerospace applications.

MIL-STD-704 Power Supply Products

ACT manufactures several MIL-STD-704 power supply products that can be used in both commercial and military aerospace applications. When you need reliable power for communications systems, monitor displays or other low-voltage devices, we can match you with the right product for your project.

Our products feature rugged SEM-E construction, multiple outputs, integrated heatsinks, overvoltage protection, any many other essential electrical and mechanical features. We offer MIL-STD-704 AC-DC converters, DC-DC power supplies and more. Browse our website to view our complete list of product offerings, or contact a representative for more information.

Engineered Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

ACT is not limited to providing off-the-shelf MIL-STD-704 power supplies. We understand that our commercial aerospace clients may have specific requirements that make MIL-STD-704 a mere starting point. Many of our products can be further modified to meet your needs, or our team can engineer a custom power solution from the ground up. Whatever requirements you have, our expertise and advanced production capabilities can provide you with a rugged, reliable and cost-effective power supply solution.