Diode Laser Driver Power Supplies

High-power diode lasers are becoming increasingly popular because they allow operators to generate a great deal of output on a minimal power supply. Affordable and portable, with tremendous light output but low energy demands, it is clear why many industries want to include high-power diode lasers in their operations. 

However minimal a high-power diode laser’s power requirements are, they still do require a reliable source of power. ACT can design power supplies for diode laser drivers to make sure you get consistent, optimal performance out of your high-power diode lasers.

Industries and Applications That Require a Reliable Diode Driver Power Supply

The applications for high-power diode lasers are virtually unlimited, and more and more industries are adopting them in their operations. Some of the most common industries and applications using high-power diode lasers today include:

  • Military – The military frequently uses high-power diode lasers for targeting. Soldiers can use the laser to mark a target while the laser, operating on an infrared frequency, cannot be detected by that target.
  • Telecommunications – Depending upon the wavelength of your high-power diode laser, it can be applied as a pump for optical amplifiers or use in fiber-optic communications.

Why Choose ACT for Laser Diode Drivers Power Supplies?

If you are using high-power diode lasers in your industry, you need to be able to rely on them. You don’t want to have a power failure at a critical moment. That’s why you want your power supply to come from a company like ACT. We have supplied AC-DC and DC-DC power solutions for mainly the military for over 30 years. 

Our products reflect superior quality and our service reflects our deep commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

Diode Laser Driver Power Supply Products

ACT has the experience to make the power supply solutions you need for your diode laser drivers and other applications requiring a reliable power supply. Look through our power supply options and contact us for assistance.


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