Power Supplies for Laser Designators

Military industries need a great deal of power to operate according to normal requirements as a result of the many different types of equipment that aircraft pilots use for communication, targeting, safety precautions, and more. Whether you need a replacement part or help to upgrade your entire power supply system for lasers, we can develop a solution that can ensure your equipment operates as intended. 

We want to help you take steps toward a reliable power conversion and set of processes. Take action now to refine your electrical systems and see what Advanced Conversion Technology has to offer.

Supplies for Laser Equipment

At ACT, we offer high- and low-voltage supplies for all the levels of power you may need, from less than one kilovolt (kV) up to 35 kV. We manufacture and engineer a wide range of products, which means we can meet any number of laser designator requirements with our selection of topologies for power supplies.

Laser designators commonly need support from devices such as power supplies for capacitor charging and Pockel cell drivers to deliver power. These tools can play an important role in military organizations that regularly use laser designator technology. Our supplies are designed to last so that you can move forward with the most cost-effective power solution.

Power Supply Applications and Benefits

Laser designators are pieces of technology often used in the military to mark targets for missiles and other common projectiles. The reliability of this equipment is crucial for many different operations, and an insufficient power supply may cause it to malfunction or fail. Such an issue can compromise both the effectiveness of military assignments and the safety of the groups or individuals involved in them.

Malfunctions are more easily preventable when you choose to count on ACT power supplies for your needs. We promise the highest grade of quality for all our products, so you can get your laser designator back up and running better than ever before.

We have dozens of power supply products designed for major military use. Contact us now to learn more about our products for laser designators.


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