A New Look for Advanced Conversion Technology

Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) was established in 1981. Since then, we’ve made a name for ourselves producing hundreds of military-grade AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, supporting our nations armed forces. Our field-proven circuity, topology, and design implementation for harsh military applications have made us an innovation leader within our industry. To this day, we love taking on power challenges—designing and building solutions that solve those challenges and last for the long haul.

While our long history speaks for itself, we’ve come a long way since our original seven founders first started the company. Now that we’re a 100% employee-owned company and still hyper focused on tackling tough power problems, we felt it was the perfect time to build a brand foundation as strong as our legacy. Learn about our process and rediscover Advanced Conversion Technology in this blog post.


Defining Our Brand

There are many reasons why brand is important—business strength, connection within your market and community, a consistent brand identity. For us, we needed to define our why and build a strong brand infrastructure to lean on to better tell our story in today’s day and age. Our original seven founders and tenured staff paved the way for us. We tapped into our roots and got busy developing the groundwork for taking our brand to the next level.

Over the past few months, we’ve taken a deep dive into our past to better define who we are and looked to the future to modernize our brand. We’re still the same company, the same group of innovative professionals known for our quality standards and reliable power solutions. We’re still designing and manufacturing military-grade power supplies you can trust. We just look a little different now. So, allow us to reintroduce ourselves.


Meet the New-ish ACT

ACT Brand Logo and Brand Promise: Power Solutions that Perform & Protect

We’re Advanced Conversion Technology, or better known as ACT. We’re a small, employee-owned business headquartered in Middletown, PA—right outside the state’s capital. We are one of the leading providers of field-proven, military-grade AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies and we pride ourselves in our ability to design, manufacture, and test our products under one roof in the USA.

Who is ACT? We’re a group of passionate problem-solvers who use our imaginative mindset and ingenuity to design and build products that deliver power in the most demanding domains. Designed with performance and protection in mind, our mission-ready solutions are products you can depend on. “Power solutions that perform & protect”—this powerful tagline is our brand promise and the real reason behind why we do what we do.


Our Brand Vision, Mission, & Values


Our motivating vision is to be the prime supplier of mission-critical power solutions while using our creativity and expertise to advance forward and foster the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

As a group of professional critical thinkers and problem solvers ourselves, we’re not only invested in advancing our business, technologies, and level of workmanship, but also our industry and the next generation of engineers and craftspeople. Staying focused on the entire community we serve and operate in allows us to take stake in the future state of what do—ensuring our work will be around for many more decades to come.


While remaining focused on our vision, we’re on a mission to design, build, and support power solutions that perform and protect.

We’re here for the long haul and so are our products. To us, there’s a sense of honor engineering and building reliable power supplies for our nation’s armed forces. Our power solutions are designed with performance and protection in mind—always, and at every step along the way.


Our values define our company culture and drive us forward on our mission. They are:

ACT Brand Value Icons: Quality, Innovation, Reliability, Commitment, and Performance

  • Quality: We are dedicated to meeting quality and safety standards and providing long-lasting power supplies that work in demanding environments.
  • Innovation: We’re creative problem solvers. We collaborate and experiment—pushing the status quo to be on the forefront of leading-edge technology.
  • Reliability: We hold ourselves accountable to do our best and to deliver a trusted product that will last.
  • Commitment: We work hard and are passionate about what we do and why we do it. Together, we can solve complex challenges and inspire others to be their best selves.
  • Performance: We are driven by the challenge and motivated by the ability to use our minds and hands to build solutions that perform and outlast.


Your Trusted Partner in Power Performance and Protection

While we transition to our new look (stay tuned for lots of exciting things to come, like a brand-new website experience later this year!), one thing remains never-changing—our commitment to our customers.

We’re here to build solutions that will perform and protect even in the harshest environments. We’re seriously committed to quality assurance and have our quality system certified to AS9100. Whether you require a power supply that’s off the shelf or something custom, we’re here to partner with you in building a power solution you can depend on. Contact us today—our team remains at the ready to solve your power problems.


We have a new look! Bear with us as we as transition and work on a new online experience. In the meantime, read more about our rebrand on our blog!