Power Distribution Systems

ACT has utilized a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) design approach that has been embraced by the Navy to provide cost-effective solutions for several high visibility programs in need of power distribution systems. In general, we select automotive-grade, industrial discreet components and H grade DC to DC converters. ACT custom designs the packages, PCBs, and magnetic components using proven design topologies. Manufacturing is done in our vertically integrated, modern 63,000 sq. ft factory.

Innovation Relied on by Our Navy Since 1998

ACT developed and shipped our first MIL-STD-1399 and MIL-STD-461 compliant 3-phase, active power factor corrected, power supply for sonar system use on the Virginal Class submarine in April of 1998. Since that time we have delivered eight (8) different drawer type designs using the same mechanical package and the same PFC front end with different output DC to DC converters. ACT has shipped over 570 of these drawer supplies for Virginia Class use, and all 8 are still active designs.

These successful drawer designs paved the way for a more versatile modular power system that was used in a technology insertion upgrade on the Virginia class. Two of these variants are in current deployments. The heart of the system is a 1 kW building block that is “hot-swappable” and provides N+3 redundancy. To date over 600 of these 1 kW modules have been shipped.

Scalable Active PFC Systems Meeting Military Standard 1399

Due to the demonstrated success of the Virginia Class “Power Processor”, ACT was down selected to supply another customer with a similar product for other Naval applications deployed on land and sea. As part of this effort, ACT has provided the same sort of scalable active PFC system with operation from the 3 phase 440 VAC MIL-STD-1399 input. A “COTS” based approach was program dictated; however, all selected parts were heavily scrutinized both by ACT’s customer and Navy personnel in a formal review process. All parts were proven to meet or exceed program de-rating requirements. The power system was designed by ACT to specific requirements.

To date, ACT has produced 4 Prototype systems, followed by 37 Qualification systems, and 350 production systems. The system has 5 kW of output capability in various platform configurations and will be deployed on all surface ships and all submarines on active duty.

A Legacy of Robust and Reliable Power Solutions

ACT has the legacy circuits and capability to design and build power solutions to meet your unique needs using technology that has been proven to be robust and reliable for demanding applications. These solutions reduce system risk at a fraction of the cost of a fully custom solution. Contact us today for your power system needs.

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