Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) provides an extensive range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies using proven switching or linear topologies, all manufactured in the USA. While our history and primary area of expertise is military technology, we’re equally skilled in producing power supplies for non-military aerospace, industrial, and a diverse group of other industries.


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Our low and high voltage power supplies can be rack mounted, bench mounted or ruggedized frame mounted for use in nearly any environment. Using proven circuits and modules, ACT can rapidly develop a COTS-like power products. Whether your required power supply is a single or three phase AC-DC or a DC-DC power supply with single or multiple output voltages, ACT engineers can design a product for your application. Two categories of power supply are available, with a range of potential configurations and available options:

  • AC-DC power supplies: AC-DC power supplies from ACT can be configured to meet MIL-STD-704 (aircraft), MIL-STD-1275 (ground platforms), MIL-STD-1399 (shipboard) and other military standards for use by defense contractors. Our AC-DC products can be either created using switched or linear circuit topologies. Linear can be high voltage or low voltage. And because of our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are adept at meeting special requirements such as shock and vibration, extreme temperature, odd form factors, and high altitude requirements.
  • DC-DC power supplies: Units are available for use in extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. We also offer products that meet specific military standards including MIL-STD-704A requirements for handling high voltage spikes and MIL-STD-1275 specifications for low input voltage transients. DC-DC power supplies can be VME rack mounted, bench mounted or installed in a ruggedized frame. High and low voltage units are available, as are hermetically sealed ion pumps and shipboard power supplies.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Defense Contractors

ACT has more than 30 years of experience providing power supplies and other products for the American military. Our facilities have been designed and our teams have been trained with the needs of these clients in mind. We specialize in power balance solutions that allow contractors to meet sophisticated goals while maintaining their bottom line. We also offer build-to-print services.

Features and Options

Advanced production capabilities and engineering expertise allow ACT to deliver engineered solutions to complex environmental, electrical or mechanical requirements. Some features and options available on our power supplies are:

  • Single and Three Phase Power Factor Correction – a power factor of > 0.99 and total harmonic distortion of <3%
  • High Overall Power Efficiency – 90%+ capability utilizing ACT circuits
  • Low Switching Noise – Ripple performance down to the millivolts but also down to nanovolts in some applications
  • Linear Circuits – When extremely low noise is required
  • High Voltage Power Supplies – Up to 35,000 VDC using proprietary oil-gas backfill technology for high dielectric capability and better thermal management. This is known as a hermetic power supply.
  • Unique Form Factors – ACT circuits, mechanical and electrical simulation, internal metal fabrication and machining capability, and internal harnessing all give ACT the ability to create form factors that can accommodate unique application needs.
  • Digital – Embedded microcontrollers
  • Remote Monitoring – Incorporate capability to allow remote recording and control of power supply
  • Diagnostics – Can be designed to allow for diagnosing a power supply’s health

A Premier Military Power Supply Manufacturer

Since 1981, ACT has been a valued partner to military and industrial customers. Whenever you need a reliable power supply or need assistance in developing a power solution requirement, ACT’s engineers will collaborate with your team to create a solution that is optimized for performance, reliability, and price.

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