AC-DC Power Supply | Single-output of 13, 28 or 270 V

AC-DC Converter Military Power Supply Product #1737A

This AC-DC power supply converts the 115 VAC, three phase, 400 Hz input power into +270 VDC which is then used to power a number of DC-DC converter modules. It also accepts +28 VDC aircraft power and conditions this voltage for distribution within the system. The rugged plug-in design allows for easy access and replaceability.

This product was built to custom specifications for a customer.  It is not available to order nor can additional information of the specifications be provided. Please contact ACT to discuss requirements for your custom power supply project, or view our line of COTS power supplies for products ready to order now.

Product # 1737A

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Input Voltage 115
Output Voltage 13, 28, 270
Output Power 470
# of Outputs 1
Frequency 400
Phase 3
Design Switching

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