5 Factors That Affect Power Supply Reliability

A quality power supply allows everything attached to it to run as intended. However, numerous factors can play a role in how reliably your system functions. Learn more about what influences your power supply negatively and how you can prevent any associated issues.

Factors That Impact Your Power Supply

When assessing your power supply’s reliability, bear in mind that there are multiple factors that can affect the results. Even the most reliable power supply may be negatively impacted by:

  1. Electrical harmonics: Generated by nonlinear loads, harmonics can create distortions in voltage and current. These fluctuations can harm equipment, causing malfunctions and other power system failures.
  2. Voltage transients: Surging electricity for a short period can negatively impact your power supply and cause malfunctions, damage, breakdown of insulation, and other problems.
  3. Overcurrent: This issue occurs when the current exceeds the system’s rated amount, potentially resulting in damage to electronics and conductors.
  4. Specification complexities: The more complex your system is, the more likely components will start to fail — systems with more moving parts are subject to more opportunity for problems to occur with one of the components.
  5. Temperature, voltage and vibration stress levels: Fluctuating temperatures and improper ventilation and cooling measures can also lead to an unreliable power supply, as can disruptions caused by excess vibration.

Power supply reliability is essential to ensuring your electrical equipment can work as intended.

Safeguarding Your Power Supply

Keeping your power supply in optimal condition helps maintain maximum uptime for your operations. Steps you can take to increase the reliability of your power supply include:

  • Monitoring power loads: Use appropriate tools to gather data about your power supply.
  • Using line reactors or harmonic trap filters: These components can help minimize harmonics and the resulting system problems.
  • Implement circuit breakers: Install these devices to open up a circuit in the event of overcurrent.

Other things you can do to protect your power supply include analyzing load data to ensure compatibility and investing in premium equipment to keep the potential for failures to a minimum.

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