Requirements to Consider When Selecting a Power Supply Partner

When choosing a military-grade power supply partner, you want to take great care to make sure your partner is compliant with all military power supply regulations. These are military standards (MIL-STD) set by the Department of Defense to make sure products, including power supplies, meet key requirements, are reliable, compatible with other systems, and are able to be commonly used across defense applications. They are also extremely useful for determining the quality of commercial-use power supply products.

Important standards to watch for include:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards — Covered under MIL-STD-461F in the United States and DEF STAN 59-41 & 59-411 in the U.K.
  • Long product lifecycle — Including end-of-life (EOL) management
  • Full design verification testing (DVT)
  • Reliability — As determined by conservative component de-rating
  • Thermal and overvoltage/overcurrent protection
  • Operating temperature — Product should function properly under conditions as cold as -40 degrees Celsius and as hot as 70 degrees Celsius
  • Durable, rugged build
  • Reliable input conditions — Power supplies should meet the electrical interface standards as covered under MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1399, and DEF STAN 61-5
  • Redundant and parallel operation
  • Convection/conduction cooling

Ensure Your Power Supply Partner Pursues Optimal Performance

Using these standards will ensure your power supply partner is providing power solutions that will hold up and allow you to pursue optional performance in your defense and avionics applications. Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) is proud to offer a range of power supply products that meet military standards for power supply products. Our top-rated engineers can configure power products to meet MIL-STD-704 standards for aircraft applications, MIL-STD-1275 standards for ground platforms and MIL-STD-1399 standards for shipboard situations, as well as other military standards important to defense applications as needed.

Whether you need AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC power supplies, or related products, you can rely on ACT and our 30 years of experience manufacturing and supplying top-quality power supply products for a wide range of both military/defense and commercial/industrial applications.

ACT – the Only Power Supply Partner You Need

Advanced Conversion Technology is equipped to provide highly specific solutions for demanding applications.

We are also leaders in Military Grade Commercial Off the Shelf power supply products, delivering reliable power supply that is compliant with all military standards, while providing quick turnaround times and economical solutions to power supply demands that both military and civilian organizations face every day.

To order COTS power supply products, or any other power supply product that meets exacting military standards from ACT, contact us today.

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