Around the World with ACT

Around the World with ACT

Advanced Conversion Technology’s Products See Service All Over the World

Many organizations make great use of Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) power supply products throughout the United States. Both military and private sector industries from defense to mining, excavation and more benefit from reliable, ruggedized military-grade power supplies. However, it’s important to note that Advanced Conversion Technology offers military power supply solutions that are fit for service almost anywhere in the world.

The military relies on these power sources in harsh conditions worldwide, and there are a number of civilian enterprises that can benefit from the use of rugged, reliable ACT military power supply products as well. Here are some of the many places where ACT military field power supply solutions can work the best and some of the reasons why.


The United States maintains operations throughout the Middle East, including in countries like Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a place with harsh desert conditions, and military vehicles in the desert require a military-grade power supply, meeting the stringent military MIL-STD-810F, that can stand up to the unforgiving environment. It is resistant to sand, dust, temperature extremes, humidity, altitude and shock and vibration, making it the perfect military vehicle power supply for desert vehicles as they conquer tough terrain.
In the desert, an aircraft may lift off from hot sands of over +100 °F (38 °C) and swiftly climb to altitudes of 40,000 feet where the temperature drops rapidly to -69.7 °F (-56.5 °C). Throughout this intense transition, critical power supply components must deliver smooth, accurate current to aircraft systems.
Advanced Conversion Technology’s military-grade power supplies handle these situations like they were built for it: because they are.

The Pacific

Across the Pacific Ocean, the United States is on track to maintain a presence of some 350 ships over the next few years. That’s over 100 ships more than we currently deploy, and that makes a reliable naval power supply more important than ever. ACT can deliver with military-grade power supply products meeting MIL-STD-1399 and provide reliable performance in demanding oceanic conditions.


Jungles represent significant challenges for power supply products, including constant humidity, high heat, and debris. One such environment is South Korea, a long-time ally of the US in operations abroad. It’s the location of a variety of military personnel, including a significant Air Force presence. This means there’s a need for durable air force power supply solutions, that meet MIL-STD-704 offered by ACT.


Antarctic research stations provide vital data to the global community. Thirty different governments operate research centers in the Antarctic. In this area, reliable power supplies are crucial. A loss of power could lead to extremely hazardous conditions for the staff of these stations due to the harsh elements. This area is just the kind of location for the military-grade power supply products ACT engineers. ACT equipment stands up to these weather extremes and provides consistent power to those who place their trust in it every day.


Mining operations around the world demand a highly reliable and consistent power supply. With mining operations picking up in Spain, Portugal, France, Finland and Serbia, rugged power supply manufacturing will be an integral part of continued growth, providing constant uptime in demanding worksites throughout Europe.
Advanced Conversion Technology’s COTS Power Supply Solutions meet the most demanding applications around the world with confidence.

Why ACT Power Supply Solutions are Best for Your Operation

If you have jobs that require reliable power supplies that can operate in tough conditions, a military-grade solution like an ACT power supply product is your best option. Why? Because of the high standards that the military holds military-grade equipment to. Military-grade power supplies need to be quiet, water-resistant, humidity-resistant and resistant to high levels of vibration and shock. They need to be resistant to temperatures as high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 °C) and as low as -40 degrees F (-40 °C). They must support the voltage ranges for normal, abnormal, and emergency operational modes for military-grade aircraft and vehicles.

If you’re ready to supply power to your operation using the high standards the military shares, ACT is the company you need. To find out more about how ACT can support your power needs or to order ACT military power supply products, contact us online or call us at 717.939.2300.