28VDC Output COTS Power Supply

Voltage and Output Power

Vin Vout Max Output Power
12 to 15 VDC 28 VDC 1170 W
16 to 19 VDC 28 VDC 1580 W
20 to 36 VDC 28 VDC 2000 W

1) 2000 W can be achieved for 1 second with 12 VDC
input voltage and 30 seconds with 16 VDC input voltage.
2) Maximum current is 71.4 A.
3) Output performance is derated by 30% at 71 °C.

This product is not recommended for new designs. Please see our updated solution here: SW2511008-28.

Product # SW2511004-28

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Input Voltage 12 to 36
Output Voltage 28
Output Power 2000
# of Outputs 1

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