Military-Grade Tech in the Private Sector

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  1. What Are Military-Grade Electronics?
  2. Who Uses Military-Grade Electronics?
  3. Industrial and Commercial Applications
  4. What This Means for the Future?

What Are Military-Grade Electronics?

More and more businesses and individuals are pursuing military-grade phones, laptops, and other tech, even if they are not in the military. What is the theory behind this newest consumer trend, and what does it mean for you?

Military-grade electronics, also called “rugged” electronics, are one of the newest electronics trends for consumers. Rugged consumer electronics include products like rugged smartphones, laptops, and tablets. What rugged or military-grade actually means is that these are all-weather devices that can stand up to extreme punishment. While the capabilities of all military-grade electronics are not the same, some of the things you may expect from a military-grade phone or laptop is the ability to:

  • Operate safely underwater
  • Sustain significant impacts without damaging the components inside
  • Use your electronic device in a variety of terrain and weather conditions safely, such as on the beach, in the woods, during thunderstorms, and in conditions of extreme heat

Military-grade electronics may also contain other features that would be useful to military personnel but can also be very useful to the public consumer, like a thermal imaging camera.

Who Uses Military-Grade Electronics?

So, who is responsible for rugged electronics becoming one of the hottest new tech trends? Many veterans may be interested in this kind of product, as it may remind them of products they used in the military. However, everyday consumers who are interested in travel, camping, and outdoor adventure are also flocking to using these kinds of devices.

Industrial and Commercial Applications for Military-Grade Electronics

Individual consumers aren’t the only market for this type of technology. Military-grade electronics are ideal for industrial and commercial applications that potentially subject electronic devices to harsh conditions. Virtually every industry today requires some computer access, and most employees will have smartphones.

Military-grade electronics allow these professionals to use necessary digital equipment without fear of damaging them during regular day-to-day use. Some examples may include:

  • Construction sites — where computers or phones could be dropped from a great height or become accidentally damaged by other construction materials.
  • Industrial research — where R&D personnel may have to bring electronic equipment when they go into rainy jungles, arctic wastelands, or blazing hot deserts to collect necessary data.
  • Mining Operations – Mining operations around the world submit their electronic equipment and energy supply equipment to demanding conditions including intense heat and cold, and high pressure environments producing dust, moisture and other particles which may come in contact with electrical components.

Rugged or military-grade electronics may also be used by mountain guides or camping guides, water park employees, and those who work on or near beaches.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

We can probably expect military-grade electronics to become more and more popular among consumers. We may also see a corresponding higher demand for military-grade power sources. For high-quality military-grade power sources today, the company to turn to is Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT).

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